How Much Food Should I Feed My Cat?

If you have a cat who always acts like she is ever hungry, then my dear cat owner, you’re not alone. You may be wondering whether you’re supposed to keep your cat healthy and well-fed or happy and full. The amount which your cat needs will depend on many factors. But you can have an educated conversation with your vet about the required amount which your cat needs. Your cat weight will be affected what you give your cat and how often they eat. Read this article to understand how much food you should give your cat.

How Much Food Should I Feed My Cat

If you own a cat for the first time, then it will be hard for you to know the exact amount of food to give your cat. Also, even if you have owned cats for several years, you’ll still wonder whether your pets are getting the exact amount of food. Your work as a pet owner is to keep your cat healthy and well-fed.

Doing that is very simple, what you need is to talk to your vet about how to keep your cat happy and well-fed. What your cat and how often he eats will affect his weight. This is because cats don’t do a lot of exercises like dogs.

Feeding Your Cat Depends on Many Variables Which Includes

  1. Weight
  2. Age
  3. Activity level
  4. Wet or dry food
  5. Pregnancy or nursing cat

When To Feed Your Cat?

New cats should be given the same amount of food that he/she has been accustomed to. Afterward, you can gradually use your own food and also schedule. Keep in mind that cats are sensitive to change and when you bring a new cat, he/she will be having stresses to the new environment. You need to keep his food and schedule consistent since this will keep intestinal upset at bay.

What To Feed Your Cat?

If you want to have a healthy cat, then you need to give him/her a diet which is flesh-based protein. The food can include poultry, fish, or meat and doing this means that you’re always rearing a healthy cat that’s happy always. If you like dry food, then you need to ensure that it has the highest animal protein because your feline friend was not made to digest carbohydrates.

Ensure also that the dry food is low in plant protein and carbs should makeup of not more than 10% of the mix of your cat food ingredients.Wet food is another amazing food that your cat will love.

But if you want to ensure that you’re having a healthy cat, and then ensure that the wet food you’re buying consist predominantly of meat and fewer by-products, as well as fillers as possible.

Vet Recommended Healthy Wet Cat Food
Best Wet Cat Foods | You Can Buy For Your Cat

Cats with any Health Restriction

If you have a cat with diseases then he will need alterations to his dietary needs. For example, older cats are commonly diagnosed with kidney dysfunction, and this indicates that if you have an older cat, it is important to give him diet which is rich in protein and phosphorous, but with plenty of calories. These cats lose their muscle mass because of kidney disease.

Another thing that you need to keep in mind is about a cat with overweight issues. These cats are at risk of orthopedic and diabetes. Ensure high fiber diets, as well as, calorie restrictions are very helpful for this.

How Much Should You Feed Your Cat?

Let’s See Some Calculations:

According to The Best Cat Food Advisor a healthy, active eight-pound adult cat will need about 30 calories per pound daily. Your average eight-pound cat will need 240 calories per day. Canned food contains 250 calories in each six ox can while dry food contains 300 calories per cup. When you use this guide, then your eight-pound cat will need 4/5 of dry food or two three-ounce cans of wet food per day.

If your cat likes more or less dry/wet food, then you can adjust the proportions of the food. If your cat loves dry food, then you need to dry some calculation to avoid wastage. This will also enable a cat owner to monitor how much his cat is eating.

Portioning out the food, you’ll be able to keep your feline friend from overeating. Keep in your mind that free choice feeding will contribute to your feline obesity.

If you’re in the market for the best dry food that will make your pet healthy, then you can consider Blue Buffalo wilderness chicken recipe, this cat food is grain-free and what makes it the best choice is that it is high in lean protein, as well as, complex carbohydrates. If you also have a picky cat, then there is the best option for her.

Fancy feast classic poultry and beef feast variety pack is a canned cat food which is purposely formulated for a picky cat. Keeping a healthy cat who is not obese is effortless than forcing an overweight cat into a diet.

How Often To Feed Your Cat?

What you’re feeding your pet will depend on how often you need to feed her. Several pet owners normally feed their feline friends morning and night. You’re not supposed to be like that pet owner who prefers free choice feeding since it will encourage obesity. The age of your cat will also depend on how often to feed him.

Kittens and younger cats will need more fat and calories for their growth. This means that you can feed your kitten more often with a smaller amount of food. Outdoor kitties get more exercises and therefore, they will tend to require more food to provide them with energy and metabolism.

You need to modify your cat’s diet throughout his life. This will enable you to accommodate your cat’s metabolism and also dietary needs. If your cat’s backbone and ribs show through his skin, then your cat is thin and you can adjust his feeding program. Also, if you’re unable to feel the ribs of your cat, then he might be overweight and so you need to adjust his portion accordingly.

Various Cat Food Comparison

Cat Food TypesPROSCONS
Cat Dry Food1. It is less expensive when you compare it with canned food.

2. Its shelf life is longer.

3. You can leave it to sit out and it will not spoil.
1. It is processed more heavily than wet food.

2. For some cats, it is less palatable.

3. Has more carbs but less moisture that the wet food.
Cat Wet Food1. It is less heavily processed when you compare it with dry food.

2. It has fewer carbs but more moisture.

3. Most cats find it palatable.
1. It is a bit expensive than the dry food.

2. It can’t sit out for more than 2 hours.

3. It can only last for a few days in the fridge once you have opened it.
Cat Freeze Dried Food1. It is simple and also easy to prepare. Just add warm water and it will rehydrate.

2. It locks in the freshness of the ingredients that are used in making the food.

3. It can be stored in an easy manner.

4. It does not spoil easily.

5. It is light to carry and can be used anywhere.
1. It can be a bit expensive when you compare it with others.

Final Verdict

Feeding your cat will be something enjoyable. But as a good pet owner, you should know some factors that affect the amount of food that your cat needs. One good thing you should keep in your mind is that you should prevent your cat from being obese and this is easy since you just stick to his portion accordingly and you’ll be raising a healthy cat.

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