Why Dog Isn’t Eating But Acting Normal?

Dog isn’t eating but acting normal one of the common problem of many dog parents. You might have been a proof rearing dogs for years and some are just new in the field to adopt their first puppy.

But one thing that I have to promise you is that it is always a distressing process and time when you realize that your dog is not going to eat.

But you are not alone. There are many reasons that can make your dog not to eat.

And that is why it is always an important process to ensure that you determine the cause or causes so that you find the best solution or plan of action.

My Dog Isn’t Eating But Acting Normal

Dog Isn’t Eating But Acting Normal?

When you Buy Dog Food, it has been inscribed with eating guidelines that you need to follow.

But when you find that your dog does not follow this guideline, then there is room to worry.

Healthy dogs are supposed to eat between 60-70% of the amount that is stated.

When a dog is unable to eat, the condition is referred to as anorexia, a condition that is different from anorexia nervosa which is an eating disorder in humans.

Therefore, anorexia is a complete loss of appetite that is found in dogs.

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Reasons that Can Make Your Dog Not to Eat

Expert discussed some reasons that can make your dog not to eat:

🐾 Some Dogs Can Be Selective or Picky Eaters

The most problematic thing that owners will go through is having dogs that will only be selective about what they will eat.

You can easily realize this by giving your dog the normal food that it normally eats.

If by fifteen minutes it does not respond and eat it, pick the bowl and put it away.

At the same time, you can control this kind of a mess.

The first thing that you need to avoid is giving your dog snacks during the day or any food until it is the next meal.

Keep your dog to eat at regular intervals and give it only reasonable amounts of treats and it will stop being a selective eater.

🐾 Routine Change

Dogs are used to eat at some particular time.

According to the research that was done to dogs, once this time is registered in their minds, it should be consistent and is a reaction that they will give whenever they see you at that time.

that is why you will find them salivating because they know and expect that there is food coming.

Now, what will happen if coincidentally you change that time? Your dog will automatically be upset.

There are many things that you need to consider at this point that will upset your dog.

For instance, if you introduce a new member into the family and even change the time that you have been used to take a walk or potty your dog, it will react to that situation faster than you ever thought.

At the same time, going for a vacation can also make your dog change its eating habit.

You need to know that dogs are strict routine followers and if there is any change to that, then it will be upset and it will take time to adapt.

🐾 Problems in Behavior

This is also another unique aspect that you need to consider.

Now, it is good to note that this is not caused by the dog itself, but another dog or pet that is in the home.

If another canine gets to steal its food frequently or even growling at him/her as it eats, then that won’t be good news to it.

Giving your two dogs food at the same pot is also another big challenge. One might be a slow eater and the other a fast eater.

The slow eater will always feel that this food given is not his.

That makes it preferable to eat alone in a separate room.

That way, it will get peace. If that is not done, then the slower eating dog might refuse to eat.

🐾 Adult or Senior Dogs Problems

Age-related problems can also be a course of concern. But this is not always the reason.

Senior dogs always undergo lots of challenges and you need not assume.

Sometimes, it can be dental problems that are can make it hard for it to eat.

The dong might be hungry and needs food, but when it thinks that the teeth have a problem, then it subsidies from eating.

The major remedies that you can do is to ensure that you see a vet to check it.

At the same time, you can make the pet food enticing by heating up so that it smells nice.

🐾 Gastrointestinal Temporary Upset

Will all know that dogs are carnivorous? The nature of the carnivorous type of animals is that they are hunters by default.

That is why you will find that your dog will be happy at some point when they scavenge around for food when they find an opportunity.

That is why, when they are in the house, they will steal food from the table and even eat things from the dustbin.

The funny thing is that some dogs even eat dog poop and other things that are suitable for them in the yard.

For those that have had an opportunity to walk with their dogs to public places, like a yard, they know that their dogs have gone ahead to eat things like candy and other things that have been left behind by people.

In short, you will find that dogs can eat some things that they should not have eaten.

With this conditions stated, your dog will automatically suffer from gastrointestinal upsets.

You can look out for evidence from dog poop or even where it has vomited.

Never worry about the condition so long as there is no blood in the vomit or stool that has been excreted.

What you need to do is to give it chance to clean itself but take care of it to ensure that it is not dehydrated.

Final Verdict

There is always worry when you realize that your dog is not eating dog meals and as the owner you get stressed.

But there is only one rule that you can use here, just stay diligent, observant and also supportive to your dog.

Always keep an eye on your dog and get professional guidance to solve dog health problem.

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