New Best Dog Foods | Expert Tested Review 2019

Most people out there just say dog food is just dog food. But do you know that not all dog foods are created equal? That’s means not all are the dog food isn’t the best dog food.

Each manufacturer that you will find in the market uses his unique types of pet food products to come up with a single product.

You have to be warned by me that, don’t always trust only what you see in the label, there is more into that.

When you compare dogs to human, we always agree that pet foods are not regulated at a higher degree.

That is why you have to do some search and digging if you have to find a better brand of Healthy Dog Food that will suit your dog’s needs pretty well.

If a dog gets a better diet, then it will get better health.

That advises you that you don’t have to settle for any mediocre type of food that you come across in the market.

Don’t have to worry how you will make the right selection because we have done all the work for you, yours is to make a choice of the best dog food that we have for you below.

How to Choose Best Dog Food

10 Healthy Dog Food You Can Buy


Best Dog FoodTop 3 BenefitsSpecial Ingredients
& Food Type
Age Range Pet Parents Rating
(Out of 5.00)

1. Promote strong lean muscles.

2. Maintain a strong immune system, a healthy heart and sharp mind.

3. Help your dog have a healthy skin and a shiny coat.

Dry Food
All Life Stage4.5CHECK PRICE

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Wellness Core Natural Dry Dog Food

1. Helps to maintain bone and joint health.

2. Support your dog skin and coat health.

3. Helps to maintain a good digestive health.
Grain Free

Dry Food

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Acana Grasslands Dry Dog Food

1. Its keep your dog healthy, happy and strong.

2. Support dog overall health system & improve dog activity.

3. Improve dog stamina & power.
Grain Free

Dry Food

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ZiwiPeak Air-Dried Dog Cuisine

1. No need to re-hydrate.

2. Free of antibiotics, growth promotants and added hormones.

3. Supports strong joint health
Grain Free

Dry Food
All Life Stage4.4CHECK PRICE

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The Honest Kitchen Human Grade Dehydrated Dog Food

1. Packed with 100% real free-range chicken and a variety of fruits and vegetables.

2. Your dog gets all the nutrition he needs, just add water!

3. Especially suitable for pals with food sensitivities.
Grain Free

Dry Food

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Stella and Chewy Freeze Dried Dog Food

1. Healthy Digestion Plus Taste Your Dog Will Love.

2. Improve Stamina, Vitality and Healthy Weight.

3. Support Vibrant Skin and Coat
Grain Free

Freeze Dried Food
All Life Stage4.4CHECK PRICE

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PEDIGREE Little Champions Wet Dog Food

1. A balanced diet for adult dogs.

2. Support a healthy skin and coat.

3. It’s more palatable for picky eaters and crunchy kibble helps keep teeth clean.

Wet Food
All Life Stage4.2CHECK PRICE

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1. Helps to build muscle & joints.

2. Helps to maintain a healthy metabolism.

3. Support healthy immune system and overall cellular health.

Dry Food

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Nature's Variety Instinct Grain Free Wet Canned Dog Food

1. Best choice for dogs with food sensitives.

2. Support strong, lean muscles.

3. Helps to promote healthy skin and coat
Grain-Free & Protein-Rich

Wet Food
All Life Stage4.0CHECK PRICE

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Merrick Grain Free Dry Dog Food

1. Strongly supports healthy skin and coat.

2. Helps to maintain healthy hip and joint function.

3. Support overall dog health in best way.
Grain Free

Dry Food

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01. Nutro Ultra Dry Dog Food

Nutro Ultra adult dog food comes with the best ingredients that every pet owner deserves to know.

There are no chicken by-product meals, wheat, no corn, or soy protein in this food.

What makes it the top listed is that it has no artificial flavors, preservatives, and also colors.

The food is designed in such a way that your dog will find it easy to digest and causing any stomach upset.

With the twelve vibrant super-foods, your dog will never have difficulties when eating this well-designed dog food.

If you want the best pet meal which will enable your dog to have strong muscles and healthy coat and skin, then Nutro Ultra dog food is the best food for you, and your dog.

It has garnered the best dry dog food reviews in the market.


Features of Nutro Ultra Dry Dog Food

🐾 It has no chicken by-product meals, corn, wheat or soy protein.

🐾 No artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives.

🐾 Rich in protein from salmon, lamb, and chicken.

🐾 Rich in nutrients and also full of flavors.

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When you understand the ingredients of the dog you’re about to buy, then from there, you’ll be able to know the benefits which every ingredient will give your dog.

Here are the pros of NUTRO ULTRA Adult Dry Dog Food :

🐾 This brand is above the best due to its antioxidants. The food contains a variety of phytonutrients, antioxidants, and vitamins which will make the immune system of your dog stronger leading to a healthy, longer life.

🐾 It is the best choice for guys who are under budget. If you want the best high-quality dog food that offers all the ingredients your dog needs, then Nutro Ultra is the best choice.

🐾 At only 30 lb bad, you will get your dog meal at only 41.75 which is a huge bonus.

🐾 Wider range of ingredients compared to its competitor brands. It is the only brand that features lamb meal, salmon meal and pomegranate.

🐾 It also offers pure sunflower oil. This is the dog food which you can rely on and you’ll rest assured that your friend is getting the best always.

🐾 If you want the best dog meal with the best quality and self life stability, then look no further than Nutro. This food is tested for safety an great for pet owners who don’t want nasty substances.

🐾 You’ll notice less dog poop because the ingredients of this dog meal are palatable. The recipe of this food will enable your dog’s digestive system to utilize the food in the body. This means that there will be fewer dropouts and so, your cleaning time will be effortless.

🐾 The food contains a wide selection of foods which are ideal for adults, senior, and puppies and also for weight management. You can use this best dog food for all the breeds you have including toy, small and large dog breeds.

🐾 It is vet recommended meaning that you and your dog will get the best from this food brand. The food contains the ingredients that will ensure that your dog is enjoying a healthy life. You don’t have to worry about GMOs anymore because this food is nasty-free.


🐾 One thing that you will notice about this food is that it comes with top quality ingredients. This means that you’ll notice the food being expensive and it will make a large dent into pet owners wallet.

Reviews of Ingredients

This food brand claims to have the correct composition of premium fruits and vegetables, proteins, natural oils, and whole grains.

Knowing the ingredients of the food which you want to buy is the best idea.

As your dog vet may recommend that you have to know the ingredients, here is the review of the recipe that will make your buying time effortless.

Now let’s make a review of each of these ingredients.

🐾 proteins

The food contains three proteins: these proteins are pasture-fed lamb, salmon, and chicken.

These proteins will give your adult dog amino acids and also ensure that your dog has stronger muscles.

One cool thing is that since it has the high level of protein, the taste of your dog meal will be tasty and tempting.

🐾 Fatty Acids

The combination of natural rolled oats, brown rice, sunflower oil, and flaxseed will offer your pet fatty acids that will make your dog have a shiny soft coat.

You will be very surprised to notice these changes in few week time.

🐾 Oats and Salmon

Rolled oats and salmon will make your dog to maintain a healthy heart, as well as, cardiovascular system.

The best part is that your dog will always stay active.

🐾 Antioxidants

Cranberries, tomatoes, and carrots provide antioxidants and this will be a great relief to pet owners because their dog will be able to maintain a healthy immune system.

🐾 Vitamins

Beets and carrots are sources of vitamins and they will promote a healthy eyesight, as well as, good vision.

You won’t believe that your dog will have an enjoyable healthy life throughout his lifetime.


Wrap Up

This dry dog food is formulated to ensure you have a lean body and healthy skin.

The fines ingredients used to a formula the food will let you have a peace of mind knowing that you’re offering your pet with the best-balanced adult nutrition.

Give your pet this meal and he will be enjoying the best unforgettable taste in every bowl.

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02. Wellness Core Natural Grain Free Dry Dog Food

If you have a dog that needs the best food, then wellness core is the best food for him.

The food is certified to be healthy, 100 percent natural, and above all, it is grain-free.

The ingredients used to prepare the food are salmon oil, chicken, turkey, vegetables, and fruits.

The ingredients will ensure that your pet gets the best health always.

The food comes in a bitable sizes to enable your dog to eat the food without any difficulties.

It is also fortified with antioxidants, probiotics, minerals, and vitamins.

The perfect blend of these ingredients makes this dog food the best.

Wellness Core Natural Grain Free Dry Dog Food

The proper essential nutrients which this pet meal will give your dog will ensure that he gets healthy eyes, gums, and teeth.

If your dog doesn’t add weight easily, then this dry food will be his lifesaver.

Its high protein levels mean that your dog will have an increased lean muscle mass.

The omega 3 and 6 is also a great ingredient that will encourage healthy cellular activity. Your dog will be able to resist diseases, too.

This meal will also supply your dog with the right amount of carbohydrates that will enable your dog to stay active because he will never lack energy.

Features of Wellness Core Dog Food

🐾 It has no meat by-products, wheat, corn, or soy.

🐾 The food is rich in protein, gluten-free and grain-free.

🐾 This dog food has no artificial preservatives, colors, or flavors.

🐾 Made to imitate your dog’s ancestral wolf.

🐾 Balanced and perfect for everyday feeding.

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🐾 Wellness Core dog food is a protein powerhouse and comes with more than 80 percent of meat, unlike the traditional dog food which features grains.

🐾 The food is highly nutritious and the philosophy behind this food is that it must contain high levels of meat.

🐾 Rich in omega fatty acids, probiotics, antioxidants, and more. This is the best well-balanced dog food which is perfect for everyday feeding.

🐾 The food is 100 percent natural; you won’t expect grains or meat by-products in this food. But it remains full of meaty protein that your dog will love eating.

🐾 It comes in medium-sized kibbles which your adult dog will love taking it.

🐾 Your dog will have an increased appetite due to the high nutritional content of this pet meal. It tastes great and so your dog is going to eat more and more.

🐾 It contains animal fats and great for a dog that you want him to add more weight.

🐾 Comes in an affordable price and everyone can afford this top-listed pet meal.

🐾 The high nutritional value of this meal will ensure that your dog has the best coat and skin.


🐾  The food is not poultry-free.

🐾  More expensive compared to traditional dog foods.

Reviews of Ingredients

Wellness Core comes with a perfect blend of ingredients that are suitable for daily feeding.

You’ll like that these grain-free recipes feature no artificial colors, meat by-products, corn, wheat, soot, flavorings, or preservatives. Here is a review of ingredients of this pet meal.

wellness core dog food nutrition

🐾 Broccoli

Broccoli is a great source of vitamin C and fiber.

The broccoli added to this dog meal will boost the immune system of your pet and ensure that your dog is enjoying a healthy skin and heart.

It will also enable the body of your dog to release toxins.

🐾 Carrots

Carrots are an excellent source of mineral and fiber, it is also a great source of beta-carotene, as well as, the antioxidant which is necessary for neutralizing free radicals.

Prebiotics and probiotics and also fiber will enable your dog to enjoy a healthy intestinal tract.

Your dog can also benefit a lot since he will have excellent overall digestive health.

🐾 spinach

Another great ingredient is spinach and it is exceptionally rich in carotenoids.

Your dog is going to enjoy lutein and beta-carotene from the spinach which is added to his meal.

Besides, the meal also offers quercetin which is a phytochemical that contains antioxidant properties.

🐾 Ground flaxseed

Ground flaxseed is rich in omega-3 fatty acids and when your dog gets the meal, you’ll notice some improvement on his coat.

Your dog’s skin and coat will be shiny and the fiber in the meal will enable the ingested food to move through the digestive system effortlessly.

Your dog will never experience stomach upsets.

Ground flax seed is great for male dog and so if you’re worried about this, you better provide your male dog only.

🐾 Kale

Kale is the best vegetable because it is highly nutritious.

It is a great source of vitamin K, beta-carotene, vitamin C, Vitamin, Lutein, and zeaxanthin.

This vegetable will also give your dog calcium which is necessary for good health.

Fruits and veggie antioxidants will improve pet’s overall nutrition.

🐾 Apple

Another great ingredient is apples.

Even human beings love apples because they know that it is a good source of antioxidants.

Apples provide vitamin C, vitamin A, and dietary fiber.

It is a great ingredient for dogs that experience joint problems.

Apples will also boost the overall gastrointestinal health of your dog.

🐾 Chicken & Turkey

High-protein levels will ensure that your dog has an increased lean muscle mass.

Besides, he will be able to burn excess fat, as well as calories.

The premium protein of this pet meal is chicken and turkey and they’re perfectly blended with essential minerals, vitamins, and real vegetables.

Your dog is going to have an improved over health when you use this protein-focused nutrition.

Wrap Up

This food will enable you to raise a dog which is healthy and happy without pinning your wallet.

Wellness Core dry dog food comes in a perfect blend of essential ingredients that will promote a healthy skin and coat.

You’ll love the food because it has no artificial colors, preservatives, no meat by-products, fillers and also wheat-gluten.

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03. Acana Grasslands Dry Dog Food

This dry dog food contains organs, fresh meat, and cartilage which are perfectly blended to reflect what your dog could get from the wilderness.

Your pet will get a delicious kibble which is grain-free and has 25% carbohydrates.

This natural food will provide your dog with a delicious meal which is well balanced.

It comes with all of the vitamins, nutrients, and minerals that your pet needs to stay healthy.

The high anima/fish protein counts up to 70 percent and features a healthy blend of various sources of animal protein.

Acana dry food is enriched with plant extracts, fruits, and vegetable to provide your pet with the vital minerals and vitamins which you need for a well-being.

The ingredients used to prepare this dog food are sourced fresh and comes with important nutrients that are ready to change the health of your pet.

This food is highly palatable and since it is very delicious, your dog is going to eat more, hence an increase in lean muscle mass.

Since this food is a wholesome meal, then it can be used for everyday feeding.

Acana Grasslands Dry Dog Food

Features of Acana Grasslands Dry Dog Food

🐾 The food is made in the USA and so you won’t worry so much about its ingredients, where it was being grown, processed and manufactured.

🐾 The meat-based food reflects your pet’s evolutionary diet and this means that your pet is getting the best food and so he won’t lack anything.

🐾 It contains zero potatoes, grain, or tapioca. You can now smile and purchase this dog food with confidence knowing that your pet is eating the best food.

🐾 The food is suitable for all breeds, as well as, life stages. You can purchase this food in bulky and store them because all of your dogs are doing to benefit a lot from this dog meal.

🐾 It contains fruits, vegetable, and botanicals which are ready to deliver the best nutrients which ensure that your dog will stay happy and healthy.

🐾 It is made with freshwater trout, game bird, and grass-fed Kentucky lamb. You will just know that whatever your dog is ingesting, it is nothing but a natural food.

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🐾 The food comes with top-quality ingredients and what is cool is that all the ingredients of this food brand are sourced from regional, Canadian fisheries and also farms.

🐾 The ingredients are human grade-quality and they’re being delivered fresh every and so, you’ll rest assured knowing that your dog is getting the best food always.

🐾 70 percent of the food is meat and 50 percent of the meat content is being delivered being fresh.

🐾 Meat, cartilage and organs have been blended perfectly to reflect your pet’s natural wild diet.

🐾 It has five sources of protein that are whole nest-laid eggs, free-run duck, free-run turkey, and fresh lamb and wild-caught Northern pike.

🐾 The food is low in carbohydrate that is 25% and the kibble is free from tapioca, potatoes, and starches.

🐾 The food also contains lentils and chickpeas which are locally grown. It also contains low glycaemic index which is ideal for preventing obesity.

🐾 The food will also enable your pet to stay healthy and happy because it just resembles your furry friend’s natural diet.

🐾 30 percent vegetables, fruits and plant extracts and all come from local Canadian farms and this will ensure that your dog gets all the necessary vitamins he needs and the digestive system of your pet is working well.

🐾 This food is gluten and grain-free and it has no GMOs and plant protein concentrates, this well-blended dog food is suitable for dogs that have nutritional sensitivities, as well as those with allergies.

🐾 The food contains no artificial additives and so your dog will get the top-quality ingredients which comes with great taste and it doesn’t need any additives.

🐾 The natural supplements used in the kibble are copper, vitamin E and Zinc. This food will enable your pet stay in a healthy life.

🐾 There is also a natural antioxidant in this food and that is vitamin E.


🐾 This food contains peas which can cause digestive problems and also diarrhea to some dogs.

Reviews of Ingredients

Knowing the ingredient of your dog food is a must as long as you love him.

Here is the review of ingredients of Acana Regionals Grasslands Dry Dog Food that worth of your time.

Have a look at them and you’ll believe that your pet is getting the best meal ever.

🐾 Duck Meal

One of the ingredients of this dog food is a duck meal and it is an excellent source of meat protein.

The whole duck is less concentrated compared to duck meal because its moisture has been removed.

🐾 Deboned Duck

It is another excellent ingredient that you will love when you see your dog eating the meal with style.

The moisture has been removed and the meat is even passed fit for human consumption.

🐾 Oats

Another interesting ingredient is steel-cut oats and it has been used as carbs.

The food contains no typical grains such as wheat or corn.

Your dog can take oats especially if he has problems with grains.

🐾 Peas

More dog food companies are using peas and so peas are present in this dog food.

Peas are known to be the best substitute for grains.

Peas are a rich source of fiber and also protein and they’re cheap to use today.

The fiver which peas provide aids in digestion and some dog may experience digestive problems and also diarrhea when they take peas.

🐾 Bartlett Pears

The last ingredient is Bartlett pears and it is rich in vitamin C and fiber.

This ingredient is also the natural source of choline and it will enable your pets to absorb their food.

Bartlett pears will also provide your pet with some natural vitamin K and omega-6 fatty acid.

Wrap Up

Acana grasslands are the best pet meals that every dog owner can try.

The ingredients which are used to prepare this delicious dog meal are 100 percent natural.

The food is affordable and it is guaranteed to keep dogs healthy, happy, and also strong.

The five fresh meats in this dog meal will tempt the taste buds of your dog. Give it a try today.

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04. ZiwiPeak Air Dried Dog Cuisine

The meal comes air-dried to eliminate pathogenic bacteria at the same time, preserving and also protecting the nutrients which the food contains.

The food is complete and balanced ready to provide the best nutrients which your dog needs to remain healthy and strong.

It includes 98 percent fresh meat, bones, organs and green mussels.

The meals also contain no potatoes, rice, fillers, wheat, soy, corn, or preservatives.

Since this food is 95 percent digestible, your dog will never have any difficulties eating this food.

It has high protein meaning that you will only serve smaller quantities and your dog will be satisfied and also get the nutrients he deserves.

The food is GMO-free and contains no artificial preservatives, BHT, BHA or artificial colors.

Your dog will never need any supplement when you have this dog meal.

This is because the food comes with all the ingredients that your friend needs to stay healthy and happy.

The food is also higher in fat and so, if you want the prey diet for your dogs, then there’s no doubt that you’re going to like ZiwiPeak.

The food is suitable for your pet at any development stage of life.

You can use from puppy to mature adult and most importantly, is that your dogs are going to love the taste.

Since it is a complete food, you can give your dog as a treat. It is the best dog food for puppies, too.

ZiwiPeak Air Dried Dog Cuisine

Features of ZiwiPeak Air Dried Dog Cuisine

🐾 The food contains no sugars, glycerin or grains making the food a perfect choice for a carnivore. We know that a dog is not made to process carbohydrates

🐾 It has no antibiotics or growth promotants meaning that your dog will get the best nutrients from this meal.

🐾 The grass-fed meat and fresh seafood have been carefully selected and so your dog will only get what he deserves.

🐾 The recipe is air-dried for superior nutrition. It also helps to eliminate pathogenic bacteria such as listeria and salmonella making the food the best for a best dog.

🐾 There’s no need of adding sugars, glycerin or preservative to this meal. This food remains nutritious and digestible.

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🐾 The ingredients used to prepare the meal is grass-fed, range raised and so your dog will only get the best nutritious meal without any nasty substances in it.

🐾 There are no fillers, grains, artificial colors or flavorings and no preservatives. This means that your dog will remain healthy throughout his lifetime as long as you have this meal.

🐾 It is a nice choice for picky eaters. The great taste of this meal will make him want more food.

🐾 It has green lipped mussels which are a great choice for joint support and you will like it when you notice the great improvements in your pets.

🐾 The meal is great for pets with allergy issues such as from grains, protein sources, or other meats. If you have a dog who is allergic to grains, then ZiwiPeak is the best choice for him.

🐾 Since it is air-dried, it means that there’s no mess and it can last making it a great choice for traveling with your dog.


🐾 The food is expensive but that you will love is that your dog will eat less, drink less water and there will be less poo.

Reviews of Ingredients

Get a quick look at these amazing ingredients used to prepare ZiwiPeak dog food.

You will be a happy pet owner because these ingredients are really tempting.

Your dog will be asking more and more due to its delicious taste.

🐾 Lamb Meat

Lamb meat contains 59 percent protein and a good source of phosphorous, manganese, Pantothenic Acid, and vitamin B6.

It is a great meal for dogs because of its rich source of nutrients.

What you need to know is what the lamb meat can also provide your pet with Riboflavin, zinc, iron, Vitamin A, Niacin, copper, and selenium.

What else do you need to know about this amazing pet meal? Give it a shot.

🐾 Tripe

The second ingredient is tripe and is obtained from lamb.

Most people purchase tripe in the United States not knowing that it is from cows.

Raw tripe is stinky and juicy making dogs to love it more.

It is also nutritious and a nice source of fat, protein and several vitamins and minerals.

It also contains digestive juice since it is a stomach lining.

🐾 Liver

The liver is another wonderful ingredient which is obtained from lamb and it is full of vitamins.

Liver contains 63 percent protein and a nice source of Thiamin, vitamin A, Vitamin B6, Riboflavin, Vitamin B12, iron, copper and more.

Actually, your dog is going to get the best meal ever.

🐾 Kidney and Heart

Another wonderful ingredient is kidney and heart form lamb, these organs are offal.

Several people throw them away not knowing that they’re the best part of an animal that can be eaten.

These organs are packed with minerals and vitamins which are good for nutrition.

🐾 Chicory Inulin

Chicory inulin is a dietary fiber and prebiotics.

It has a rich source of prebiotic properties making it a great dog meal.

This food also contains fish oil which is an excellent source of omega-3 fatty acids.

It also contains kelp which is a nice trace of minerals such as iodine and also chelated minerals.

Wrap Up

This pet meal will give your dog the best nutrients which he needs to stay healthy.

The food is proven to support long-term joint health and the taste of the food will make your pet love it. It has no antibiotics and hormones.

If you travel often, then this meal will be your best choice because it is air-dried.

What you’ll like most is that it has ultimate convenience and so there’s no need to re-hydrate this food.

Get this meal and you’ll be serving small quantities per day.

Your best dog deserves the best meals, and this nutritious grain-free meal will always satisfy the taste buds of your pet.

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05. The Honest Kitchen Dehydrated Grain Free Dog Food

The company that has this product with them has always built a heritage that has been inspired by the innovation of the grain free meal that is the best for your dog out there.

Innovation has never ceased because different pets have different needs.

But with us, we have all your dog’s needs well taken care of. There is one thing that we have to agree.

Home pet type of dogs has always risen and it is even accounting for the current population of dogs out here.

The dry foods here feature probiotics and also the pre-biotic fiber that will give optimal digestion to your small canines.

For healthy joints, you will also come into contact with glucosamine and chondroitin.

the honest kitchen grain free chicken recipe

Features in Details

🐾 It has been made with grain free and also low carb recipe that is essential to be used in all stages.

🐾 It has low amounts of carbohydrates but on the contrary, high amounts of protein so that it is able to support the muscle structure of your dogs and also their functions.

At the same time, it also ensures that lean body mass is promoted highly.

🐾 The bag that is used in making this package is environmentally friendly. After you have used it, it can also be recycled back into the system again.

🐾 It has been made from natural foods by a use of a gentle dehydration. That makes it, to be a unique process or way that you can use to make such a food for canine consumption.

🐾 It uses dehydration in making sure that the food does not get spoilt. This is one of the modern methods that you can use to ensure that food is preserved for a long period of time.

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🐾 It contains deboned beef which is rated as the first ingredient that makes the food taste better. To make it have a complete and better look, it is accompanied by real fruits and also veggies so that the flavors become healthy and enticing.

🐾 It does not contain any grain in its make. The use of artificial colors also does not exist. This is done so because they might contain bad sides or chemicals that might spoil the flavor of food. There are no flavors or artificial preservatives used in it all.

🐾 It contains a balanced protein and also fiber content. There are no extra calories or even fat. This is vital in ensuring that the weight of your dog is managed well. Without managing this, then your dog can also suffer from obesity and obis related problems.

🐾 It will support a healthy skin and coat that looks smarter. This is always important in safeguarding the normal being of your dog.

🐾 It is simple to prepare. What you need to do is to simply add small amounts of water so that the food is rehydrated, then you can serve with USDA meat and your dog will enjoy.

🐾 Dehydration of this food will ensure that moisture is removed from the food, ensuring that it does not decomposition.

🐾 Made from locally sourced ingredients in America. This will ease the avoidance of contamination of the food at all costs. This also promotes the local farmers from providing them with the best ingredients. No ingredient is shipped from China at all.


🐾 Be aware of the dates, it might expire faster than you expected.

Review of Ingredients

🐾 Turkey

This is going to be effective because many consider it, as a clean combination of flesh and skin.

It is derived or taken from the whole carcass of a turkey.

This bird has the rich ten amino acids that will keep your god survive.

🐾 flaxseed

This is one of the omega-3 providers that emanates from plants.

They are firstly grounded into food. They are used here because they are rich in soluble fiber.

It contains almost 19% of protein.

🐾 Potatoes

They are gluten-free and hence act as good digestible carbohydrates.

They are also modest in form of nutritional value that a dog will get.

🐾 Celery

Raw celery if used is high in water content but that does not make it to be jumped or even left out in this food production using.

It can still contribute to a notable amount of dietary fiber content.

🐾 Spinach

It has an exceptional mineral and vitamin content.

It is even rated as an ingredient that has a high nutrient value.

🐾 Coconut

It just depends on where you will get your raw material from but they are high in medium chain fatty acids.

They offer the dog with triglycerides and they will assist your dog in improving their cognitive function.

The Honest Kitchen Grain Free Chicken Recipe Dehydrated Dog Food


Wrap Up

Treat your dog with an honest kind of meal out here with this type of meal.

Why this meal, I know you are asking. But the answer is always simple.

It is both nutritious and also delicious at the same time. this food will provide your dog in all stages right from puppies to adult dogs.

It has been made with 100%-reel free turkey as you have seen above and with much more, you are destined to get to give your dog what it has been missing all its time.

Why can’t you try it out and see the kind of benefits that it is going to give your little carnivorous friends.

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06. Stella and Chewy Freeze Dried Dog Food

This is the best dry dog food that you can ensure that your pet has natural, nutrient, raw, and nutrient-rich meat that will give it a balanced meal.

It does not match with dehydrated dog foods because the food prepared here is never heated or even cooked.

The best thing about this process is that the final meal that you will contain all the nutrients that are so important to your pup.

Now, you don’t have to rehydrate the dish when you want to serve your canines, just give them when they are ready to eat.

The two of you, your dog and you, will love the food. The dog will love the taste and you will love the nutrition that you will have found in your dog meal.

The type of ingredients that are used n making this type of food are rated quality right from the manufacturing plant.

This is because we don’t want your dog to suffer from any type or kind of any disease that will craft in from eating. Am sure that your dog will have the best meal each day it will feast.

Stella and Chewy Freeze Dried Dog Food

Features of Stella and Chewy Freeze Dried Dog Food

🐾 It has been made with minimal ingredients. These ingredients are processed in a careful manner so that they are able to replicate the raw diet that dogs love to eat.

🐾  Contains up to 95% meat, bones, and organs. When this is combined with minimal proteins, then it is a meal that will never be like any other in the market. There are no additions of hormones or any antibiotics.

🐾  Made in the USA. So, you have to be sure of carefully made food that will ensure the best quality of good health for your dog. At the same time, its food safety is at the highest levels.

🐾 Ingredients have been sourced responsibly from farmers and ranchers from various farms. These people have to be recognized for their human grade quality ingredients.

🐾 It contains 100% organic vegetables and fruits. This will give out quality vitamins and minerals.

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🐾 Its advantageous to providing healthy gums and teeth. This is because of the use of natural enzymes together with raw ground bone ingredients.

🐾 The dog’s skin will be vibrant and its coat looks good. This emanates from the use of natural oils, fatty acids and the minimal process of the food.

🐾 The combination of raw bones and enzymes will ensure that your dog’s teeth are never weak. They become strong and their ability maintained.

🐾 The dog will also enjoy these three things, vitality, a healthy weight and also a good stamina. Each of the batch that you will buy here what been added small organs, meat and also ground bones. This will not only make it have a great taste but also boost your pup stamina to have the endurance that others don’t have.

🐾 Has also patties that are known to be versatile. This gives you a chance to choose and take it as a treat and give your dog, you can crumble them down and soak them in water. To make them more enjoyable, you can also decide to mix them with some kibble. They make a better treat.


🐾 It is a bit costly for some to buy for some people.

Review of Ingredients

🐾 Raw rabbit

This is used as the first ingredient in this type of food.

It has the unique protein that will ensure that your dog does not suffer from any allergies that will make it uncomfortable.

In this formula, you will find organic fruits and vegetables used. That will increase the safety of your canine as it eats.

🐾 Antibiotic-Free Chicken

Use of antibiotic-free chicken. This is also combined with ground bone, chicken liver, and gizzard.

In fact, this is the formula that will be your perennials most favorite meal.

🐾 Lamb

In the dandy lamb, the favorite here is the inclusion of red meat that emanates from this lambs.

This is a perfect ingredient that will ensure that your dog is protected from allergies.

It utilizes the best and high-quality goose, turkey, duck bone, and antibiotic free duck.

When you add turkey gizzard, a delicious food for your animal.

🐾 Pheasant

The use of a phenomenal pheasant contains also proteins that are also delicious to dogs that are allergic.

The contents here include African pheasant livers and gizzards, ground bone vegetables, and organic fruits.

When these are also added with minerals and vitamins, it makes a complete dinner for your animal.

🐾 Beef

The supper beef product will offer your dog the best type of natural meat that hey always crave for.

You will get antibiotic and also free liver used, beef liver and also beef heart and ripe.

There is also a usage of a wide variety of vegetable and organic fruits.

🐾 Surf n Turf

The surf n turf is also another product that has been made for that dog that loves it all.

You will find beef, beef heart, liver, turkey, turkey liver and ground beef bone all inclusive.

When these are combined with veggies and fruits, then your dog will never move an inch while it is eating.

Wrap Up

There is one thing that you need to remember that dogs are carnivorous and you need to treat them on real and minimally processed food.

That is how nature intended these animals to live.

Always make sure that you give it a deserved meal and with this type of dog meal, your dog will feel like it lacks nothing at all.

This is the perfect way that you can choose to feed the power of raw.

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07. PEDIGREE Little Champions Wet Dog Food

If you have little dogs, you will realize that they always crave to have or eat real meat and have a taste of it.

But how many ensure that this craving is taken care of. What we do is just leave the dogs to wonder around.

With Pedigree, your worries and expectations are always taken care of, especially that urge of your little canine animal.

The item has a savory and meat texture that will entirely seal that animals urge to eat meat.

To make it better, it has been made with ingredients that are required to ensure a healthy development of dog’s skin and a better-looking coat.

That is also why it is the best dog food for senior dogs.

Your small pup will never complain of stomach problems because the food is digestible so that there is better nutrient absorption.

What you need to do now is to prepare a feast for your small dog by purchasing this best-wet dog food.

pedigree wet dog food

Features of PEDIGREE Little Champions Wet Dog Food

🐾 Contains receipts that are essential in ensuring that your dog’s skin and coat are healthy.

You have to know that the first line of defense that is needed in your dog is its skin and coat.

This is because it prevents the dog from dirt, elements and even other nasty things that are going to be harmful to it.

When it is well protected, your dog is safe.


🐾 Has a kibble that is essential in cleaning dogs’ teeth all the way to the gum line.

When you get into dogs, you will realize that up around 3-5 dogs will suffer from gum disease.

This means that they will automatically suffer from severe health problems.

With this oral care routine, then you have peace of mind that your doing will be completely protected.


🐾 Contains bellies. For your dog to have a complete health, there are two things that have to have; it should have a better digestion and better rubbing.

With the availability of bellies, nutrients will now be better absorbed, and digestion will take place even better than it did before.

Every kibble that we pack has healthy things, with your dog in that fresh mode, it will help in absorbing them completely.


🐾 Availability of antioxidants. Your dog can look better and smart from outside, but are you are that it all needs to start from the inside?

So, to ensure that your toughness of a dog is well kept, then you need to be aware that it should have a better immune system.

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🐾 It is a balanced dog food that is essential in providing all the essential nutrition that is needed so that it helps it have a skin that is healthy and a better-looking coat.

🐾 Small dogs are going to love the meaty dog taste that is contained here with reel beef, chicken, and turkey. That will provide various types of tastes that are irresistible.

🐾 It is highly digestible so that all the healthy benefits of a meal are taken in and ready to work, for instance, preventing the dog from diseases.

🐾 It serves better for older dogs and it will ensure that their taste for reel meat is reached.


🐾 It contains chelated minerals which are known to be chemically attached to protein.

Review of Ingredients

🐾 Water

You have to know that this is a major ingredient in this food but it has no side effects because it adds nothing to it.

It just provides a soluble environment for all other ingredients that have been used there.

🐾 Chicken By-Products

After you have slaughtered chickens, all the other choice products have been removed, what remains is used in making this tasty meal.

That will give out the chicken flavor style of taste.

Other than the organs that have been used, you can add feet, beaks, and the undeveloped eggs.

🐾 Use Of Chicken

When you talk of chicken, then you have to imagine of all the clean amalgamation of flesh and skin.

This is the whole carcass of a chicken.

This will ensure that your pup is able to enjoy all the rich ten amino acids that are essential to its body.

🐾 Meat By-Products

All the remaining’s that emanate from the slaughterhouse waste is found here.

After removing the prime striated muscle cuts, what remains is collected.

What is not collected at this point is here teeth, hooves, hair, and horns.

These kinds of by-products can emanate from pigs, cattle, sheep and also goats. It is not choosy here.

🐾 Beef

This is the clean flesh from the slaughter of a cattle.

This can include the skeletal muscle, tongue, muscle tissues, heart, or even the esophagus.

Beef is essential as it contains the amino acids that are also good in sustaining the life of a dog.

🐾 Brewers rice

This is a cereal grain by-product of the leftover fragments of milled whole rice.

It is essential in providing your dog with caloric energy and is considered the modest nutritional value that a dog needs

Wrap Up

This is a kind of food that will make your dog always dream of eating from time to time.

this is because of its flavors and tasty good receipts that are used to make it.

It has a balanced diet and you can be rest assured that your dog will be well taken care of.

It is delicious and good for puppies too. Made well so that it suits your dog’s needs in a complete manner.

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08. Nutro NATURAL CHOICE Dry Dog Food

I know that you have been moving from shop to shop, from one internet site to another looking for the best dog food or a better and healthy dog food for your little furry friend.

Nutro is here and is a good dog food that you need to give a try and test and you will realize that you are not going to let your dog regret it.

That gives you an informed decision that you might never have got from anyone.

The company that has been in the market making this food has been in existence for over 90 years.

What that means is that they have experience in dog food and experience.

I have to assure you that the food is quality and it has always kept customers to come back for it more and more.


Features of Nutro NATURAL CHOICE Dry Dog Food

🐾 premium products that will ensure that your dog has an easy time chewing and absorbing food.

🐾 It has been made with a choice of either a single fish protein or a choice of New Zealand venison that minimizes the sensitivities of food.

🐾 It has types of varieties so that you can be able to feed your dog in a different way but from the same kind of food

🐾 Contains no artificial colors flavors or even preservatives. This ensures that your foods are going to be yummy to your dog at all times when it gets to eat.

🐾 The diet dry food is also made with real lamb and also formulated with fewer ingredients that are all essential to your dog, this will make your dog crave for more food often.

🐾 The top number one ingredient that is found here is its taste that is great. With the use of chicken, you have to believe me that your little young canine will always have that crave of eating more because the taste is urging it on.


🐾 You are guaranteed satisfaction. Any person that has used this kind of food will never go back to other foods stores that are out there. In fact, many have totally switched to this meal and no turning back. The dogs like the flavors and also the composition of kibble bites.

🐾It also gives out more energy to dogs that eat it. Dogs that will eat this meal with time will get more energetic as compared to the previous foods that it has eaten. Overweight and also older dogs will benefit more.

🐾 It contains some weight management formula that is tasty. Many that will have given this to their canines will always have better results to notice.

🐾 Each mouthful of this food will give you the best minerals that your dogs need, for instance, manganese, zinc proteinate, manganese proteinate, folic acid, and also manganous oxide.

🐾 It contains a holistic receipt that is easier for dogs to digest. They will not suffer from any digestive issued and stomach disorders.


🐾 There is the use of beet pulp that is actually a filler and contains no nutritional value to the dog.


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Review of Ingredients

🐾 Salmon

Salmon is our first ingredient that you will find in this food.

It is known that salmon is rich in omega-3 fatty acids.

But other than that, raw salmon contains about 80% of water.

After it has been cooked, most moisture is lost and that will reduce the meat content to just a fraction of its weight.

That means that it just takes a small percentage of the total content.

🐾 Chicken Meal

This is considered as a meat concentrate and that means that it has almost 300% more protein than what is considered of a fresh chicken.

🐾 Brown Rice

This contains carbohydrate and when you cook it, it becomes easy to digest for any animal that eats it.

It also contains the best natural energy content with the best nutritional value that your dog can ever need.

🐾 Sorghum

This is a starchy cereal grain that has been found to have the same nutritional content like what is found in corn.

The best thing about it is that it is gluten-free and contains the best smooth blood sugar behavior than what other grains contain.

That is why this is a better non-meat ingredient that you can find.

🐾 Peas

Peas has also been used. They are known to be the best quality of carbohydrates that you will find in the world.

They are in the group of legumes and therefore are rich in natural fiber.

Other than that, it only contains 25% of protein.

🐾 Brewers Rice 

This is a cereal grain by-product that is able to offer your dog better caloric energy.

That will ensure that better energy to your dog is generated so that it can help it as it plays around or runs around.

🐾 Rice Bran

If you get whole grain rice, then you get this product that contains starch fat, and protein, minerals and also vitamins.

This comes from the outer layer of grain. That means that you will get a better composition of food with a better balanced diet expectation.

🐾 Chicken Fat

This is obtained from rendering chicken. This is a process that is similar to making soup.

The process involves the skimming of fat from the surface and live the liquid out.

The advantage of chicken fat is that it is high in linoleic acid which is an omega-6 essential fatty acid that pushes on life.

Many will feel that this kind of fat is not appetizing but the truth about it is that it contains some appetizing nutrients.

🐾 Sweet-Potato

They are a gluten-free source of complex carbohydrates when it comes in dog food.

They are good when it comes to dietary fiber and also beta-carotene.

Wrap Up

All the foods that are found in this category of food are considered of good quality.

They have been made with recipes that will make your beloved canine salivate when he sees you coming with it.

It is a safe food that your animals need and contain no side effect that will harm your dog.

It is a trusted brand that has a history of success.

The receipt that it contains is delicious for any dog, no matter the age.

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09. Nature’s Variety Instinct Grain Free Wet Dog Food

If you have a canine, then it is time that you need to make a better choice by buying the pet meal that is right here.

Why it is considered one of the best frozen dog food is that it has been made with a list of simple ingredients.

It is unique in such a manner that it contains one animal protein and also one vegetable.

When you compare this with other dog foods, it is a mix rather than the ingredients being made in different ways, different dishes.

It has been guided by one rule of law, purity and also the simplicity of raw dog food.

That is an essential nutritional food that your pups will just need to celebrate each time they get down to eat their meal.

The good part of it is that they easy on the digestive system and will nourish the entire health of the dog.

Nature's Variety Instinct Grain Free Wet Canned Dog Food

Features Of Nature’s Variety Instinct Grain Free Wet Dog Food

🐾 To make it unique in its kind, it has been made with the best and also highly digestible ingredients that are also easily digested. And in fact, there is one single sourced animal protein, chicken.

🐾 For those dogs that have sensitive digestive systems, then they can get happy to eat the chicken, eggs, or grain. They will never bother your dog at all.

🐾 Made with healthy omega 3 and 6 fatty acids so that your dog’s skin and coat can be good looking and also healthy. Remember that they should be strong to guard your dog against external dangers.

🐾 It has been made better so that it is able to be used by dogs in all their life stages as they grow. The better part is that there is no breed that does not love eating it. They always crave to have more.

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🐾 For those dogs that are known to have food sensitive stomachs, you have to be sure this meal is what you have been lucking all that time to give it. It has been made with the use of one animal protein that combines with one vegetable, the food is ready and served.

🐾 The first ingredient that you will love finding here is a farm-raised rabbit. We don’t use any other rabbit out there or even cousin of rabbits, hare, no. We just select the best rabbits that have been reared out there.

🐾 This delicious loaf has been made with vitamins and minerals so that it is able to deliver out a well and balanced meal or nutrition. The balanced diet is essential in ensuring that your animal grows health each day without having to get worried about disease attacking or even malnutrition.

🐾 In its contents, it does not include dairy, eggs, grain, potato, corn, wheat, chicken, beef, fish, or soy.

🐾 It has been made in the USA, a rich place with experts in dog food nutrition around the globe. They collect their ingredients around the world but they have to make sure they are the right ones that will not harm your animals at any cost.


🐾 Comes in different packages, so make the right choice.

Review of Ingredients

🐾 Lamb / Rabbit

There is the use of either lamb or domesticated rabbit. This take as the clean flesh that is slaughtered from either of the two.

they will be associated with skeletal or tissues muscles of the tongue, heart esophagus, or diaphragm.

Lamb or rabbit is great with its natural and essential ten amino acids that are required to ensure your dog’s life is sustained.

🐾 Broth

This also emanates from either lamb or rabbit. It is one of the best things that offer the modern nutritional value to the food.

They add both flavor and also moisture to dog food.

🐾 Liver

This is an organ and the meat is sourced from either the two animals named above.

It is this a beneficial component.

🐾 Pea protein

After you remove the starchy part that the vegetable contains, then the remaining is what is used.

It is loved because it also contains 80% of protein and it has a lower biological value when you compare it with meat.

🐾 Peas

Peas are also used and remember they have or contain only 25% of protein.

They are rich in natural fiber that will give your dog so that it aids its digestion.

🐾 Montmorillonite Clay

Montmorillonite clay has been used. This is a compound that occurs naturally and is known to be rich in many minerals.

It has been approved by the USDA. The usefulness of the product is that it binds together certain mold-based toxins.

It also controls diarrhea and the irritable bowel syndrome that disturbs many dogs.

🐾 Sunflower oil

It has nutritional benefits like those that you will get in safflower.

They are not only rich in omega 6 fatty acids but also do not contain any omega-3s.

it is not damaged from the high heat that is produced during cooking.

Wrap Up

We all believe that pets have a right to have a good life by eating the best dog food.

But how you achieve this also matters with what you have in store for it to eat.

That is why with Instinct, you will find one mission in their products, to transform the lives of any living dog pet.

The food made in such a manner that it ensures that the pets need for real food is fulfilled at all costs.

To make it better, one philosophy is used, just stick to the use of what is natural, then keep it simple and as pure as you can.

With that in our minds, then the right kind of food befalls your dog.

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10. Merrick Grain Free Dry Dog Food

The first ingredients of this meal are a real deboned chicken.

It is the best grain-free nutrition that you and your dog will love.

Since it is grain-free, your pet will be able to avoid grain sensitive issues.

The food is easy to digest and it will improve your dog’s skin and coat.

The recipe contains no wheat, soy, gluten or corn ingredients.

The meal provides omega 3 and 6 that will aid in a healthy skin, and also coat for your dog.

The meal is cooked in the USA and the food is certified to be 100 percent natural.

The grain-free recipes are a perfect choice for your dog that you want to improve his gastrointestinal health.

The five ingredients of this delicious meal will give your pet a balanced nutrition which is needed for the well-being of dogs.

You will like it when you see your dog having a healthy muscle tissue and strong joint, too.

The meal is also great for best dog food for small dogs.

Merrick Grain Free Dry Dog Food

Features of Merrick Grain Free Dry Dog Food

🐾 The food contains high levels of omega 6 and omega 3 fatty acids. The omega in this food will aid in a healthy skin, as well as, coat for your dogs. Your dog will also get healthy joints and hips due to high levels of glucosamine and chondroitin.

🐾 This grain-free nutrition will enable you to avoid grain sensitivities in your dogs. The grain-free nutrition will improve gastrointestinal health and it is easy to digest and also provide the required energy which your pet needs to stay active. The meal contains no soy, wheat, corn, or gluten ingredients.

🐾 The meal is cooked in the USA and if you’re afraid of any China product, then you can have that peace of mind that there are no ingredients sourced from China in this meal.

🐾 It has the high protein content that is the real deboned chicken which is digestible and very tasty.

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🐾 The recipe is grain-free and has no gluten ingredients, flavors or preservatives, and no artificial colors. This is the best pet meal which is absolutely 100 percent natural.

🐾 It has added DHA which is ideal in supporting a healthy brain development as your dog grows. If you were looking the best dog food for puppies, then here is the right choice to begin with.

🐾 The ingredients are specially formulated to ensure maximum nutritional benefits, as well as, a healthy digestion. This meal is a perfect choice for all breeds of puppy.

🐾 There are no ingredients from China because the ingredients used to formulate this dog meal are locally obtained from farmers who are known and trusted.

🐾 Deboned chicken is the primary ingredient of this meal and it has a hearty flavor that your little puppy will love it.


🐾 They include some controversial ingredients like potato, pea protein or even alfalfa meal.

Review of Ingredients

Merrick contains only five first ingredients which are active. You will like how effective they are because their work is noticeable. Have a look at them here;

Deboned Chicken

Deboned chicken is the first ingredients of this meal.

It comprises up to 70 percent of meat and it will enable your dog to build and maintain his lean, healthy muscle tissue.

The deboned chicken also contains high-quality protein which is sure to support a healthy skin, as well as, coat.

Omega fatty acids from the meat will also support joint health for good.

The chicken meal of this food contains more protein which is ideal for enabling your pet to build his lean muscle mass.

Turkey meal

Turkey meal makes the meal more delicious than home-made dog meal.

This will make her eat the food more often.

Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potatoes are a good source of carbohydrates which your dog needs to remain active.

If you have an active dog, then this meal will provide him with the necessary energy.

It also contains tons of fiber that will aid in digestion and also beta-carotene.


Potatoes are known to be the healthy source of carbs and contain all kinds of nutrients which include fiber, antioxidants, and vitamins such as B6, B3 and vitamin C.

Your dog will also benefit from this meal by getting potassium and iron.

Another interesting ingredient is peas and it contains about 25 percent of protein, it also features fiber and carbohydrates and a wide range of minerals and vitamin.


Wrap Up

If there is a product that I can’t go without recommending, it is this one.

It is an affordable food that you need to have in mind if you want to treat your dog in the best and right manner.

When you compare it with the majority of food brands that you come across out there, you will notice that the best ingredients that are in it are of quality proteins, coming from deboned meat, or some other identified meat meals.

We don’t work with mysteries because that will always leave customers on the verge of asking diverse questions.

Other than the use of fillers in this item, the use of healthy additives is taken into account.

This might include some vegetables, fruits, fish oil, flaxseed oil, and coconut oil.

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Dry Dog Food Feeding Chart

Weight (KG's)Minimum AmountMaximum AmountPuppies
2.5¼ Cup½ Cup¾ Cup
5½ Cup1 Cup1 ¼ Cups
10¾ Cup1 ½ Cups2 Cups
151 ¼ Cups2 ½ Cups3 ¼ Cups
201 ½ Cups3 Cups3 Cups
252 Cups 4 Cups5 Cups
302 ½ Cups5 Cups6 ¼ Cups
353 Cups6 Cups7 ½ Cups
403 ½ Cups7 Cups8 ¾ Cups

You are required to add the same amount of water as the dry food that you will use. For example, 1 cup of dry food + 1 cup of water.

Wet Dog Food Feeding Chart

WeightCanned FoodCombined with Natural Balance Dry Food
Under 10 LBS½ - 1 Cup½ can + ½ Cup
Toy 18 LBS1 – 1 ½ Cups1 can + ½ Cup
Small 25 LBS2 – 2 ½ Cups1 can + 1 Cup
Medium 50 LBS 3 – 3 ½ Cups1 can + 2 Cups
Large 80 LBS5 Cups1 can + 3 Cups
Giant 100 LBS6 – 6 ½ Cups1 can + 4 Cups


You have gone and done your research, read dog food reviews, and came out with a selection.

One factor that is vital is that, don’t always shop by looking at the price because those that have the extraordinarily low price will automatically provide you with poor quality dog food.

Why go for such kind of food? Make the better comparison of what the food can offer to your pet in terms of nutrients and survival.

If you get it right, then your dog will be the nippiest dog out there.

So, never compromise the quality for the price and always buy the best dog food for your furry friend.

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