Why Is Your Dog Panting and Restless?

When you have a dog, you should always be observant to any symptom that makes it uncomfortable. In fact, if you ignore some symptoms, then you will find or realize that you have bigger problems to deal with than you expected. One major reason that you need to observe is Why Is the Dog Panting and Restless?

Than in itself, is a cause of alarm. But we should be aware that panting of dogs is a normal thing and there are many reasons that can make it to breathe hard at some point.

When you compare dogs and humans, you will realize that dogs don’t sweat as we do.

Why Is My Dog Panting and Restless

Why Is Your Dog Panting and Restless?

When a dog pants, it will help it a lot to quicken its pace of evaporation right from through the tongue.

But this is not the same as sweat as you might think. Dogs should ensure that they get rid of the excess moisture so that they are able to cool down faster.

A normal panting should be from 300 to 400 breaths per minute. So, when you encounter a dog that pants more than that, then you need to get worried a bit.

Reasons Why a Dog is Panting in Excess!!!

Here are some reasons that can explain why your dog is panting and restless in excess:

🐾 It Might Be Suffering From Pain

A painful condition is always a major reason that will make your dog pant excessively.

This is a bad situation for your canine friend and you need to seek advice from your vet.

You can realize that this panting is pain especially when you notice that it is whimpering when there is an irritation.

It can also show out some reluctance as it sleeps and will bite or lick in a constant manner.

🐾 Cushing Condition

This is a form of disease that comes in three forms, the worst of them all is that they are all chronic.

A dog that wonders aimlessly, pacing around or even panting around.

It has a medication of at all it suffers from such a condition that will minimize the effects.

What you need to remember is that you always have to be keen on your digs behavior so that in case of any weird condition or symptom, you are able to curb with it in a faster way. This is also referred to as hormonal imbalance.

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It’s really important to feed your dog healthy and best foods for maintaining good health always.

Sometimes it’s become hard to find the healthy food for new dog parents.

But don’t worry my dear friend! here are some healthy food suggestions for your furry friend that contains high nutrition values and helps to dogs always be healthy.

🐾 Anxiety, Stress and Fear

If you have a dog that experiences phobias, then panting will just come instant.

But never be too worried because short come reactions to this kind of notions is very normal.

What is different is when you get it experiences such problems for a long period of time which might be chronic too.

That will make the dog to be uncomfortable. The result is the negative emotional and physical disorders.

If you don’t get to treat it in advance, then get worried because that might hinder its lifespan.

🐾 Lung Disease and Cardiac Disorders

Failure of the heart to work in a proper way means that your entire body parts will not have sufficient blood.

The problem with this is that there will occur an oxygen deficiency in body tissues.

To ensure that there is a balance of this problem, the dog’s respiration rate will try to increase so that the oxygen is tried to balance. This will automatically cause panting of the dog.

🐾 Suffering From Obesity

If you don’t participate in giving your dog the right kind of food, then you will allow it to get starved.

But at the same time, you need to ensure that it does not get too much because that is automatically overfeeding it.

At the same time, exercise for a dog is very important because if it just lies there, then obese will just develop in.

The problem with obesity will cause it to pant in an abnormal way because the weight that it has is big and it is making its breathing difficult. That is why you need to help it lose its weight.

🐾 Having a Brain Tumor

The growth of tumor will suppress the normal working of the brain in many ways.

A dog that has such an ailment will be forced to behave in a certain way that will include high panting or breathing.

The problem with this problem is that it can either appear in a gradual manner or even suddenly.

This is the hardest part because you will not easily identify if it’s a tumor or not and there are no clear symptoms.

🐾 Suffering From Anemia

The decrease in the amount of red blood cells in the body will automatically bring out this anemic condition to your dog.

This is because blood will not be in a capacity to be able to carry enough oxygen in an even manner throughout the body.

That is why a dog will pant more so that it is able to get more oxygen into its body system.

Anemia is brought by such symptoms like increased heartbeat, lethargy, mucous membranes being pale, pale tongue and gums, rapid breathing among others.

Some Remedies To This Problem | That Can Help You

🐾 The most obvious step that you can take is to see a vet for assistance. This is crucial when your dog is experiencing unusual panting that is not normal.

🐾 You can also subject your dog to calming techniques. For instance, if you might have had a long journey, then your dog will be tired and need to be calmed down.

🐾 Use sedative medications too so that they can put them into a state of rest and back to normal panting.

Final Verdict

Panting is normal to dogs but excessive panting is one danger factor that you need to look out for.

Always do checkups and keep a close eye on your dog so that you are able to learn its behavior well.

Remember that dogs don’t talk and it is up to you to realize that there is something wrong with them or they are sick.

Before it gets out of hand and you lose your little canine friend, be a step ahead of it so to keep it safe.

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